Secosana red bag on sale

Too bad that a few of my favorite handbags have chipped off already without even using them! I just get lazy to change bags every now and then. I have no right to complain now coz it was all my fault. On a lighter side, the girls and I went a little shopping yesterday out of the money that my brother gave us (Yes, I have a sugar brother who spoils us every now and then when he is home hahaha!) and luckily, Secosana is having a 50% off on almost all their items again! Spotted this red bag and without a second thought, I immediate kept it in my shopping cart!

Secosana Red Bag

It comes with a pouch that can also be used as a sling bag.

Secosana bag with a pouch

This is one of the many things that I like about Secosana bags, they usually come with pouches or organizing bags that you can also use as an actual bag. I have another Secosana bag that came with a pouch, and that makes me having two for a price of one! Cool eh?


Just what I exactly needed, a big room for all the stuff that I carry everyday.

Secosana bag

It also has a back pocket where I usually keep my SBMA ID for easy reach as I enter the gate.

Secosana bag

One of the few things that I always consider when buying a bag is the bottom part, if it can stand alone. This bag has almost got all of the qualities that I look for in a bag!

Secosana bag on sale

Last but not the least, does it still fit within my budget? Definitely, yes!! This is such a great steal from Php1,599.75 down to Php790.00. I will never get tired of Secosana bags, I swear! I have now 5 Secosana bags in my closet which I purchased all on sale!

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  1. Looks good! Do you know any tip on how to make bags like this one last longer? Nagbabakbak yung bags ko na luma 🙁


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    Same prob sis with me, di ko din alam eh. Dami ko nga nasayang na bag na di ko man halos nagamit, puro nagbakbak. 🙁


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