Snapbomb Your Blog!

I first saw Snapbomb in Aeirin’s blog. I thought I’d give it a try, so I first submitted my primary blog When Silence Speaks. After installing the script, it was verified after a day or so. Then only I was able to create a buzz about it. When Silence Speaks’ starting rate was $4.13. Well, that time it had a PR2, no wonder. I waited…. waited… but I lost hope. I thought it wasn’t real coz the payment never came to my PayPal. Until…. the other day, I got a payment of $4.13. Here’s the proof:

What do you expect? Right after I got my first payment from them, I immediately submitted my two other blogs, and here’s the current stat of my application:

I really don’t care if it only pays up to $1.40 {for now}. Ten bucks won’t be complete without a dollar, so I’m all for it! What about you? Wanna earn from Snapbomb blog marketing? Sign up now and earn extra just like how I did.

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