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Songs Of The Past

Do you still remember the songs of your past – the songs that once made you smile, love and cry?

Here’s the list of the few songs that had made my past so memorable. I won’t tell you the stories behind each song. I’m afraid my husband would read it hahaha! But hey I won’t leave your minds blank, I’d label them as Smile, Love and Cry and go figure it out! :p

S > Ben by Michael Jackson

SLC > Honestly by Stryper

SC > Heaven Knows by Rick Price

LC > Till Death Do Us Part by White Lion

SL > San Na Nga Ba’ng Barkada by APO

C > I Love You Goodbye by Celine Dion

LC > Eversince The World Began by Survivor

C > Goodbye by Air Supply

C > Sana Dalawa Ang Puso Ko by Janno Gibbs

If you have noticed, 3 of them are labelled C, ang mga walanghiya! Hahaha! But the top 1 who really broke my heart was I Love You Goodbye. The song goes like this:

Wish I could be the one
The one who could give you love
The kind of love you really need
Wish I could say to you
That I’ll always stay with you
But baby that’s not me

You need someone willing to give their heart and soul to you
Promise you forever, baby that’s something I can’t do
Oh I could say that I’ll be all you need
But that would be a lie
I know I’d only hurt you
I know I’d only make you cry

I’m not the one you’re needing
I love you, goodbye…

And mind you he even gave me a Celine Dion’s cassette tape (that song was the carrier single I think waaaaaaah!) before we completely parted ways , ouch di ba? Walanghiya talaga! :p

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