Souvenirs from places

I do not travel just for pleasure. Most of my past travels were business and official. If ever I do, that would be very seldom. So whenever I do, I grab the opportunity to buy souvenirs for my growing collection. No. 1 on my list are the keychains.

Keychains 1

Keychains 2

Then the fridge magnets.

Magnets 1

Magnets 2

Just recently, I also started collecting mugs.


I had no plans collecting mugs so soon but Ate Hazel gave me that pretty organizer. I also make sure that when I travel, I have loose coins and small bills left to add into my coin collection (This was an old photo taken, my coin collection has also grown a lot). Apart from these, I also have few shirts that mostly read I Love (The Place Name), but since they cost a lot in some places, I do not really put so much effort in collecting these.

I almost forgot, I also take home the toiletries like shampoos and soaps from the hotels I stayed in. That comes in the package so why not take it haha! So don’t be surprised if I’d be considering collecting new pro tools at guitar center hahaha!

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  1. I also take home toiletries from hotels. Lol! Even the slippers pa so our visitors have something to wear when they leave their shoes outside our house.


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    @Jo-anne, Oh yeah, the slippers! I take them home sometimes, nakakalimutan ko na kasing kunin pag ginagamit ko. Yung toiletries kasi di ko ginagamit, may dala ako lagi kasi yug sabon nila parang di naman bumubula haha!


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