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Testing your child’s IQ level series of books

Testing your child's IQ level series of booksIn able for Deye to keep up with her lessons, considering that she’s only 5  years old and most of her classmates are completing 6 and even 7  few months from now, we buy her books that could help her improve her reading, writing and other academic activities in school. Aside from the extra reading and writing materials that I recently bought, her Dada also sent her series of books (5) about testing your child’s IQ level.

Today, I tested her and have proven that she can answer the questions ALL BY HERSELF, that includes reading the given questions and choices. All the questions have multiple choices and pictures to make it easier for a child to compare and answer. I handed her the Book 1 and left her alone. I was surprised to see correct answers. I would like to believe now that when you introduce independence to your child, they tend to excel more. Of course, trust is also very important. I am a certified stage mom but I make sure that she doesn’t treat or see me as her shadow.

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