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Thyroid problem

Last month when my cousins and I gathered in the house, one of them noticed a lump visible on my mom’s neck. Believe me, none of us in our family including my mom has ever noticed it. Immediately, I told my mom to go for a check but she refused. The day I was coming back from Vietnam, she sent me a message saying that she went for a check up with my Aunt and the diagnosis was goiter, that she either goes for a surgery or radio active procedure.

When I saw the result, I spoke with my brother and told him about the situation. Mark & I agreed that surgery is the best option, to make sure that nothing will be left inside and as far as I know radio active procedure isn’t so healthy for the human body. But I insisted that we should seek for a 2nd opinion first and meanwhile I checked around and even read some of the articles that Thyroid doctor austin has already shared.

The diagnosis from the 2nd doctor is the same as the first’s. So yeah she will undergo a surgery after the holidays. By then, I could also file some paid leave to look after my mom.

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