Weekend Snapshot : Taking Turns

My weekend was nicely spent.  No, we didn’t go anywhere. Nicely – in the sense I had a good time. It turned out to be a relaxing weekend for me, no stress answering tons of emails from work, plus the benefits of sleeping early (8 hours sleep) and getting up earlier (than the usual) from bed. Today, instead of my mom, I was the one who cooked our lunch, not a good one but enough to fill their empty stomach haha! I also tried my best not to sit too long (yes, tried is the word meaning I failed LOL!) in front of the computer. At least I took breaks in between. In between what, if you’d ask again… well, this is the usual scene when yours truly is not seated in her corner:


Guess what she’s up to? Go on and find out…

Yes, that’s my mom! The queen of Y8 games hahaha! And that’s my mother clinging to her. She does that all the time even with me. So imagine when I’m working and she’s still wide awake? Patience is the answer but I must admit I lose it most of the time. *sigh*

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  1. Spending the time at home means sleeping more than usual, cooking desirable food, playing with child more than usual, etc. In my opinion relaxing is more entertaining than setting out for somewhere. Family members, relatives and friends want to spent time and share their feelings. This is the best way.

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