More than 20 Plurks also affect karma points (as far as I know). Posting trifle long entries might bore your readers. Waking up your toddler might not do any good, and worst she won’t let you do anything at all. So what’s the alternative? *sigh*

I love being a SAHM. I see her every minute. Exagg! Ok, not every minute coz she goes out with my dad sometimes. What I meant was, I always see her during the day unlike before when I was still a working mom. But you know what’s killing me?


And I hate it when it happens. My friends are everywhere. Some are nowhere to be found. Well, in Friendster yeah! I’m not a party girl. Even if I am, I got no one else to party with here. I don’t even frequent the malls (as if we have numbers of malls around here haha!). In short, I’m a homebuddy person. SAHM, literally.

I have another confession to make. I’m a frustrated singer. And one of my hobbies is singing. I had a Karaoke (multiplex pa nun!) when I was 6. The first song I tried in the Karaoke was Menudo’s If You’re Not Here and I still have the copy recorded tape that we sent to my dad way back. I still have a collection of Minus-one and Multiplex. When I worked abroad, the first thing I bought for myself was the MP3 Karaoke Stereo (Sony). I’ve been eyeing for a set of the latest Mediacom. I wanted to buy before I came home but didn’t get the chance. Watching Wowowee everyday makes me drool for a Magic Sing.

Ting! I found the solution to SAHM’s problem when she gets bored! Siiiiiiing! Hahaha! Of course, my husband knows about it and I’ve told him a hundred times how much I wanted one. Today, my wish was granted! Thanks Mahal! Love you! (Btw, I bought the Mabuhay Edition, I’ll just buy an extra mic later , much cheaper! Remember SAHM saves!)

I spent most of my free time today reading the manual, installing the Download Manager in my PC and of course singing the songs that I love to the highest level haha! It’s so cool coz I can record my voice, use a headset and sing like a profy!

*This is not a sponsored post*

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