Jul 28

10570638_10152993603294307_1037620482_nI had been on the look out for the best wall decals that are easy to install but I always end up having a second thought, afraid that I might not be able to do it alone. You know, the usual dilemma that a typical housewife goes through when there is no handy man in the household.

Just recently, I took the risk of getting one. I was actually planning to get just the quotes world needs to see like the one that I am going to show off in a while. It reads “Love is likely to the wind, I can’t see it but I can feel it”. But I guess I was too lucky to get both that I wanted. Tree wall decals! 

It came like this:


Tree Wall Decals

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Jul 10

The increase of my monthly electricity bill alarms me a lot. I just find it too drastic! The usage seems to be the same but the amount due that hits my budget surprises me to death.


The fact that my kids couldn’t sleep with the lights off, that also explains it well. Oh! Not to forget the AC and gadget power loads that add on to the burden. As much as I want to lessen it, my youngest can’t stand without it as it causes asthma attacks at times. I’d rather pay a price that we all enjoyed than having to spend for the hospital bills.

I am just thinking aloud that what if a solar power is introduced in the household. Well, at least for the lights. Would it make a difference? I have been looking for a solution but to no avail until I chanced upon the Baron Solar Lighting Kit on FB.


I really wanna know how much difference it would make if a solar lighting kit is used instead. Would the total amount on my monthly bill decrease next time? There’s just one thing I am sure of, by using a solar power kit, it’s like a fulfillment of our social responsibility – helping the environment achieve its goal to be clean and green.  Read the rest of this entry »