Jul 10

The increase of my monthly electricity bill alarms me a lot. I just find it too drastic! The usage seems to be the same but the amount due that hits my budget surprises me to death.


The fact that my kids couldn’t sleep with the lights off, that also explains it well. Oh! Not to forget the AC and gadget power loads that add on to the burden. As much as I want to lessen it, my youngest can’t stand without it as it causes asthma attacks at times. I’d rather pay a price that we all enjoyed than having to spend for the hospital bills.

I am just thinking aloud that what if a solar power is introduced in the household. Well, at least for the lights. Would it make a difference? I have been looking for a solution but to no avail until I chanced upon the Baron Solar Lighting Kit on FB.


I really wanna know how much difference it would make if a solar lighting kit is used instead. Would the total amount on my monthly bill decrease next time? There’s just one thing I am sure of, by using a solar power kit, it’s like a fulfillment of our social responsibility – helping the environment achieve its goal to be clean and green.  Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 10

UntitledVinyl lettering is one of the most common ways to make your wall trendy and give it a chic yet quirky look nowadays. In the past years people used to spend a lot of money to make their walls beautiful and by decorating them with beautiful home wall accessories which were pretty expensive and to be honest, fail to change the look of the old, dull walls to a great extent. Wallstickersquote.co.uk shop is popular in the market.


Reasons for people to get these wall art decals and lettering

With the advent of vinyl wall art stickers and decals more number of people tried using these to make a difference in their homes. They are easy to put on and are light on the pocket so as to be quite affordable for everyone who is looking for a hassle free way to change their home décor.  Read the rest of this entry »