Apr 13

After 3 years, our family spent the last two days of the Holy Week in Baguio City once again but this time, we stayed in a transient house and the whole trip was my dad’s treat! Yup, that was the best part of it heehee!

I was already feeling hopeless upon knowing that majority of the accommodation and hotels that I checked were fully booked. My fault! I started checking houses and hotels 2 weeks before the trip.


So I started asking around from fellow bloggers whom I know have contacts in Baguio City. Thanks to Mommy Chats! Immediately, I looked it up on FB and contacted the numbers posted there. Faes Transient House it is!We were still lucky to get a 3BR unit with 2 Bathrooms, and a kitchen where you can cook, despite the late booking. Just perfect for all of us! There were 9 of us so it will be cheaper if we prepare our meals which also didn’t happen due to our squeezed time. But at least we were able to save our breakfast expenses heehee!


Master’s Bedroom which my parents occupied.

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Feb 26

I admit, I am lazy. Household chores are not for me. My mother (and husband) know/s that. But it doesn’t mean that a lazy person cannot be organized. I am very particular of organizing stuff from documents down to hair trinkets, except the times when I really really get lazy heehee!

Now let’s talk about shoes…. Imagine having 2 girls and a lady in a household. Expect having dozens of pairs stored in one corner of the house. Masakit sa mata. That one particular corner obviously needs to be organized, without excuses. So I bought two pieces of Amazing Shoe Rack from Lazada. It’s amazingly beautiful and neat but it can’t hold the weight of  all the shoes that we have. I had to ignore one corner of our house for sometime after one rack collapsed. Until I chanced upon a fellow mommy blogger’s post on FB where she used shoe boxes as her shoe organizer. I had to have that and yes I did a couple of weeks later.


The shoe box materials come unfolded. At first, I had a hard time figuring out how to assemble the lid but when I got the hang of it, I finished assembling two dozens of boxes in less than an hour.

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