Jan 07

Snowmobiling in the wintertime is a ton of fun, but it also comes with high risks. You wouldn’t go on a joy ride in your car without following basic precautions and you shouldn’t be extra reckless on your snowmobile just because it’s a recreational vehicle. Follow these tips for staying safe while having fun.

1. Never ride in inclement weather.

2. Plan your trip in advance and check out all of the trails that you’ll be riding. Make sure none of them are unexpectedly closed or obstructed.

3. You should never drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a car and the same goes for driving a snowmobile. Like in a car, your vision, reaction time, and coordination is affected after you drink, but when you’re on a snowmobile, you also have to worry about your balance.

4. Don’t ride alone. Always go out with at least one other person who’s on their own snowmobile. If one machine dies mid-trip, you’ll have the other to ride back on or to send for help.

5. Dress accordingly. Even if you get warm while riding, you still have to be safe and bundled up. Wear a helmet, face mask, and several layers, including a snowmobile suit, gloves, and mittens on top.  Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 02

Sometimes you need a getaway that combines the wild beauty of the wilderness with plenty of indoor comforts. While there are many rustic camping accommodations to be found in state parks, you can also find luxury accommodations for singles, couples, families or larger groups.

For larger get togethers, such as retreats, corporate outings or family reunions, a lodge may be just he perfect setting. Smaller families, couples or individuals looking for a unique retreat will likely enjoy cottages and cabins the most.

Many resorts combine a larger lodge with smaller cabin rentals. A good example is The Lodge at Glendorn in northwestern Pennsylvania. Located near the Allegheny National Forest, Glendorn offers a wonderful to chance to to enjoy beautiful flora and fauna, not to mention excellent trout-fishing. The main lodge, made from redwood, has suites that can work for larger groups, but there are also a dozen cabins in the woodlands surrounding the lodge. Read the rest of this entry »