Feb 26

I admit, I am lazy. Household chores are not for me. My mother (and husband) know/s that. But it doesn’t mean that a lazy person cannot be organized. I am very particular of organizing stuff from documents down to hair trinkets, except the times when I really really get lazy heehee!

Now let’s talk about shoes…. Imagine having 2 girls and a lady in a household. Expect having dozens of pairs stored in one corner of the house. Masakit sa mata. That one particular corner obviously needs to be organized, without excuses. So I bought two pieces of Amazing Shoe Rack from Lazada. It’s amazingly beautiful and neat but it can’t hold the weight of  all the shoes that we have. I had to ignore one corner of our house for sometime after one rack collapsed. Until I chanced upon a fellow mommy blogger’s post on FB where she used shoe boxes as her shoe organizer. I had to have that and yes I did a couple of weeks later.


The shoe box materials come unfolded. At first, I had a hard time figuring out how to assemble the lid but when I got the hang of it, I finished assembling two dozens of boxes in less than an hour.

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Jan 07

Snowmobiling in the wintertime is a ton of fun, but it also comes with high risks. You wouldn’t go on a joy ride in your car without following basic precautions and you shouldn’t be extra reckless on your snowmobile just because it’s a recreational vehicle. Follow these tips for staying safe while having fun.

1. Never ride in inclement weather.

2. Plan your trip in advance and check out all of the trails that you’ll be riding. Make sure none of them are unexpectedly closed or obstructed.

3. You should never drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a car and the same goes for driving a snowmobile. Like in a car, your vision, reaction time, and coordination is affected after you drink, but when you’re on a snowmobile, you also have to worry about your balance.

4. Don’t ride alone. Always go out with at least one other person who’s on their own snowmobile. If one machine dies mid-trip, you’ll have the other to ride back on or to send for help.

5. Dress accordingly. Even if you get warm while riding, you still have to be safe and bundled up. Wear a helmet, face mask, and several layers, including a snowmobile suit, gloves, and mittens on top.  Read the rest of this entry »