Employed finally, and it’s home-based!

Indeed, good things come to those who wait. After almost two months of trying to get the perfect job for me, with about 10+ job applications, I am employed finally and it’s home-based!!

I only asked for a part-time job with a fair rate but I was given a full-time position that pays quite decent. The best part is I can work on flexible 4 hours, and another 4 hours US time, with my pajamas still on.

Going back to my job hunt journey two months ago, I’ve almost lost my confidence. In fact, I was demotivated. I told my husband about my frustrations of not getting hired. You know the feeling of being rejected more than 10 times despite your work experiences? I almost gave up!

Then, finally the Recruitment Specialist of Virtual Staff Finder Careers, Ma’am Meriam, whom I have been dealing with for the past two months popped up on Skype one morning and asked me if I still want to try for another job opening, as it fits my qualifications. At the back of my mind, here we go again. But I said okay, I can try. Then, we did the usual process. She sent me the details and had my initial interview and told me that she’d get back to me once a schedule for my final interview has been made. It took a week before it happened. I thought it was just one of those many rejections in the past couple of months, until….  (more…)