My Sweet-Tough Little Girl

If you look at her photos like this one, you will see an image of a very sweet fine little girl.

But looks could be really deceiving…

She’s one tough little girl. She’s never afraid of the dark like most kids do. She’d cry for less than a minute whenever she’s hurt or falls. But that’s it! You won”t even see a tear coming from her eyes. Every time I scold her, she would pretend busy with something else, like I don’t exist at all. And if I tell her to look at me straight in the eye, she would with anger. When she’s mad, she’s mad. She’d pick-up anything and throws it!

These things scare me. I might end up crying one day because of her. But at some point, I see them as an advantage. No one would bully her in school. No one would harass her in the crowd. No one could do any harm to her. No one would dare. She gets even in any way.

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  1. si louna naman, she would look at me at the corner of her eyes, taray! but she understands when we’re really angry, it’s time-out corner time.. there, she would cry.. and then she would approach us for hugs and kisses (sa lips!), that’s her way to say sorry..


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