Remembering friends in Bahrain

We were 5 then. Rose, Wendy, Anna, Jham and I. We used to call ourselves Attagirls. Please don’t ask me, I don’t remember how we came up to that name. Anyway, let me tell you a little something about them:

Rose is the eldest in the group and when I said eldest, she really is! She acts like a mother to all of us 5. She would tell you straight if you did something unacceptable. She was our Front Office Supervisor.

Wendy is next from the eldest. She was our Marketing Officer and the funniest in the group.

Anna and I share the same age. The band singer who eventually became my bestfriend there. We still keep in touch and she now has 2 kids like I do.

Jham is the youngest in the group. She handles the membership of our guests. The Resort where I’ve worked is a private resort thus, it requires membership. She also takes care of the cash drawer of whatever she has collected from the membership fees and handover it to Accounting.

We worked in different departments. Different forte. We also have different personalities but we clicked.

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