My parents celebrate their 33 years wedding anniversary today, 30th of May 2008. 33 years ago they got married. 1 year later, I was born. 10 years after, another one came. Truly called a family of their own. 33 years ago, they found themselves still together with the promises remained unbroken, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death to they part.

There would be no grand celebration, no cake to cut, no bottle of champagne from the Wine Racks, no flashes from tons of photographs clicked, but I only know one thing that would keep this special day memorable:

T – H – E – M

We have no special nor expensive gift to give them but a simple gift box with two silver wedding bands enough to remind them how special that particular moment was 33 years ago….

So to Daddy & Mommy, may you both enjoy and savor more wonderful moments and continue to bask in the celebration of your marriage on all days.

We’ve always looked up to both of you. Happy 33rd Wedding Anniversary! More years and blessings to come – with all of us. We love you….

Mitch Carvalho

A full-time home-based Marketing Manager by day, 24/7 Mom, and a Blogger at any time. Iā€™m 43 and proud. Mom of Derelle & Erchelle, sharing my adventures as I walk through motherhood and having to do most things on my own while my Indian national husband works miles away from home.