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There’s no doubt that one of the biggest home-related problems many of us face is not enough storage. We are forever accumulating things we need to find a home for. It’s easy to see the appeal of decluttering, but what if everything you have in your home are things you both want and need? You can’t declutter those!

So the need for storage rises high once more. Given this is such a difficult issue for people, it follows naturally to see what can be done to increase your storage space without building an entirely new house – though the latter might be tempting!

1 – Use Hidden Space Underneath the bed. Underneath the chairs in the living room. Beneath radiators. It’s all open space that isn’t being used for anything; it’s just being reserved off because of its closeness to another item.

Rather than letting this space go to waste, get to work building some extra shelves or storage cubes for under the radiator. Use storage boxes to get underneath furniture and store extra odds and ends; you can even blend the design of the box in with the rest of your decor. No space should be wasted in a storage-thirsty home.

2 – Organize You might not want to throw everything in your house away, but what does remain has to be organized. It might seem tempting just to grab a new piece of storage furniture and throw all the odds and ends you don’t currently have a place for into it, but it’s not going to solve the problem. Once a month, sweep through all of your storage and ensure you’re not making a home for something you don’t really need.

3 – Go Outside If you have a backyard, then you probably have some sort of storage there. You’ll primarily use it for garden tools or barbeque equipment, but that’s not all that outdoor storage can hold.

As long as it’s waterproof, you should be able to store anything in there, saving money on expensive indoor storage solutions in the process. The armstrong metal building cost is very reasonable, and they have plenty of space for storage. Furthermore, if you have a lot of outdoor space you’re not really using, then constructions like sheds and metal buildings could be just what you need. If you think it might be an eyesore to have a storage-specific construction, then just go wild with the exterior paint until you’re satisfied it blends in.

4 – Consider An External Storage Unit If you have items of furniture that you don’t want to part with but no longer have room for, then it’s worth considering an external storage unit away from your home. Storage units are best used for items you have no immediate use for, as otherwise you will be journeying back and forth to the storage location – which will quickly get old. It’s perfect if you’re saving furniture for your children to one day use in their own homes, for example, but not so much for everyday use.

5 – Roll, Don’t Fold Finally, a quick hack that lets you make the most of the storage you have available in your closet. Folding may be the standard, but the best method for storing clothes is rolling. For one thing, they won’t wrinkle as quickly, and secondly, you’ll be able to fit more in than you would have imagined possible.

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