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It’s such a beauty seeing your stuff organized and in place. Well, I’ve always been organized with my make-ups but I used to keep them in pouches, and in a remote control organizer that I purchased from Japan Homes. They’re nice to look at but when it’s time to use them, it’s a struggle to find one as I need to dig carefully.

Got lucky when I learned that my cousin, Mauilyn, sells this organizer online. Just perfect! No need to pay for the shipping fee! But got luckier when my brother ordered and paid these for me. (Been meaning to buy at least one but I always think it’s not a priority and besides they survived in pouches for years now haha!). He actually preferred the bigger round organizer but I insisted on getting the one with drawers, and buy two instead since the bigger one pretty much costs the same if I get two square ones. I’m such a wise buyer eh? 

One organizer can hold 12 lipsticks.

It has 3 more slots on the side meant for other stuff like small compacts, make-up brushes, or pen liners. Behind the lipstick slots is another shallow space where I kept my facial cream in tube, and mascaras in sliding position.

It also has two small drawers, side by side.

And another two bigger drawers for more storage.

I keep the drugstore-bought stuff in here while majority of the costly ones, in palette mostly, are kept in a secured dresser where my girls can’t reach. They sometimes use my make-ups (with my permission of course) especially my 6 y/o who is into doing make-up tutorials. I thought you may also want to watch her most latest upload in YouTube. They have a channel of their own. Please subscribe and make my girls smile.

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