80s VS 2Ks

I still have 4 cousins in their teenage years, 3 girls and a boy. Sometimes they come over our house to make use of the internet. I often see them checking their Friendster accounts and grabbing photos from mine. The boy would always Google for Anime & Hentai Gallery or otherwise he gets really busy playing some Free Anime/Hentai Games.

Whenever I see these cute Anime images, it always reminds me of my neighbor’s 13 year old daughter. She’s very fond of sketching fashionable girls having anime’s features. She would always send me messages to my Friendster account using anime characters.

I really wonder what makes them like these characters. Looking back, our generation was different. Far different from today’s age. During our time we were still busy playing with our Barbie dolls and Transformers. Today’s generation? You’d often find them stuck in front of their cell phones sending text messages to anyone, or the worst in front of their personal computers making friends through different friend’s network. I may find this form of friendship cool but I don’t think I would tolerate such if they were my kids. If they are in the right age, then, maybe, I myself will add them in my network.

But hey, I am not saying that these characters/anime are some kind of a bad influence. It’s just that somehow someone should still guide them and control the usage, whenever, whatever…

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