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A Different Friday

Yesterday was different. We all slept until past 10am. When I realized it was already late, I have sorted out the dirty clothes and put them in the machine right away. While waiting for the first load to finish, I gave Deye a bath and started with my other chores after that. But you know how it is with an active toddler around. She would also try whatever I do. D was going out to buy some stuff anyway, so I told him to take Deye with him and please take your time hehehe! By the time they had come back, I’m done with the other things.

It has become a routine that D cooks for lunch while I handle some other chores. We had lunch at 1pm. Btw, I was okay with the help of pain reliever and antibiotics. Put Deye to sleep afterwards. While D was having a drink, I asked him to open the champagne that we got from his resto as a prize. There was a wine quiz 2 weeks ago and each one from each outlet has to participate. I saw it on the table and seems that he wasn’t interested to join. So I patiently googled the info. Guess what? He won the quiz heehee! And that was the prize, a bottle of champagne. Anyway, I though I’d have a drink so that I could sleep peacefully and won’t feel the pain once the medicine effect is gone. When I was about to sleep, Deye woke up from sleep at around past 4pm.

Then, we decided to take her to the new park nearby where we lived before. Dressed her up. I deliberately put her in a jump suit, at least she won’t get scratches on her legs even if she runs around the park. There you go, she was ready!

You could see the smile on her face the moment she saw children running and playing around the place. She wouldn’t let us hold her. She run and went on her own. This always happens when we take her out to a crowded place. She gets too excited and at the same time amazed. She hardly sees people, that’s why! Anyway, we met an 8-yr old girl who happened to be with her nanny. When she saw us, I heard her told her Filipina nanny “go and talk to them please, I want to play with the baby”. She’s a half moroccan-bahraini. Surprising! Deye seems to be comfortable with her in just a snap. She never comes to strangers. Maybe she knew that she’s a new found friend-playmate. Look at their photos (I had to blur the girl’s face for privacy reason):

I could tell that her parents are nice. She’s raised well. She’s a very nice and polite girl. She even shared her biscuits with Deye. They happen to be a member in the resort where I’m working. She told me that if they come again, she’ll visit me in my office.

Anyway, back to Deye… as expected, small accidents happen, part of growing up as some would way. She tripped off the ground. Too bad, when it happened, she was off the grass huhuhu! She cried for like 2 minutes and went on and on again, checking the place. There she was striking a pose!

We left the park at past 8pm. Went to the Japanese store nearby. This time we didn’t put her in the cart! But man! She was so keen to touch everything! I was afraid that she might break some stuff. In just a blink, I saw her dragging a basket with her to the stuffed toys section and took one hahaha! Now, I couldn’t enjoy a window shopping with her. I have to watch her all the time. But I enjoyed doin’ that minus the “no, Deye” parts hehehe!

We didn’t realize it was already late until the security told us that they were closing bwahahaha! What else to do, but go home hehe!

It was indeed a different day for us, especially for Deye.

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