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I was looking for quotes last night when I came across a site that had the above written on the first line. I felt I meant to see it. With the dilemma I am going through at the moment, I think I needed something to tell and convince myself  “You’re at the right path. You just have to be brave for such hard decision.”

Your heart often knows things before your mind does.

Here I am again, planning for something where “giving up” is the main key to do it. You know the feeling when you have learned to love something, enjoyed a lot and thought it was for keeps? But it was not.

Today, as I woke up, I know I have already made the decision. The right decision. What’s important is my husband supports me and agrees that whatever decision I’d come up to, it’s my call. So I did.

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  1. It really pays off to follows heart’s desire but it is practical follows mind


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    It really does! If I may add, job is not just about money, it’s also about the happiness and fulfillment that we get from it.


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