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Wiser this time

My bad! I gave away all the baby stuff that we had during Deye’s time.

3 years ago when we decided to come back home for good, I thought of giving away all the baby stuff my eldest had. I thought it was a practical decision not taking additional loads of cargo. I blindly gave away everything from baby clothes to high/baby chair. Didn’t realize I’d conceive again 3 years later to another baby girl.

Approaching to my last trimester, that’s when I thought what a lousy decision I had made. I had to buy all the essentials for the new baby. Good thing I was already home where baby stuff are easier to buy and find, and a lot cheaper too huh! But then again, thinking of the things I had given away made me regret more. If only I didn’t let go of those things, I would have saved a lot from buying those stuff again.

I told my better half I don’t want another baby in the family, I’m okay with two beautiful girls already. But I guess that experience made me more wiser. I am keeping the things that I had bought again for our 2nd bundle of joy. I’d never do such impractical decision again, whether I’d have another baby or not. You’ll never know when precious gifts like our children will come our way.

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