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A very simple birthday celebration

On April 17,  the girls demanded that they go to SM to buy an advance birthday gift for me. But because I was there with them, they tagged my mom along with them instead and clearly instructed me not to follow them and just have a cup of coffee somewhere so they can take their time choosing and still keep it a surprise. By the way, the money spent for this was their savings from their piggy banks. Sweet eh??


Wanna know what was inside the gift bag? 


The top I was wearing on the above photo was their gift. We spent my birthday at my parents’ house in Olongapo because of the whole day power interruption in Subic which made my plan impossible to happen.

My birthday was filled with “surprises” that my youngest daughter, Ishi, secretly squealed them all to me even before they happened haha!

At 00:01 on April 28, I received a birthday message from my husband:


A lovenote from Ate Deye
A lovenote from my bunso


A cake from my brother’s girlfriend that was personally picked by my daughters, which made way to a wedding proposal that happened on my birthday. Since my brother works abroad, I was the one who purchased the ring, placed it right in the middle of the piece of cake served to her, wrapped in an aluminium foil as if it was the baker’s fault why a foil is found inside the cake. It was already planned that my brother be online. Since it’s my birthday, she won’t a clue. Yes, the surprises that she collaborated with my daughters bounced back at her.

Mom also cooked spaghetti that everyone loves.


Lastly, the choco pops that my daughters handed to me but taken back immediately because they wanted to eat them haha!

We capped the night bonding with my cousins over bottles of beer and catching ups.

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  • Sumi Go | The Purple Doll

    Aww.. Your daughters are so sweet! <3 And wow! Your birthday was indeed full of surprises! Who would've thought that there'd be a wedding proposal on the same day? 😀

    Anyway, this may be super late, but belated Happy Birthday! 🙂


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