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Does anyone here know where to get a cheap 5.25 in-ceiling speakers? Not for me, but for my in laws’ house. It’s currently on renovation in preparation for my sister-in-law’s upcoming wedding in January. Since they are the only family residing in Mumbai, expect that most of the attendees will be staying with them, including us.

Hubby asked me to get him another Magic Sing, not for us but for them {in India} so when we go there, there’s something to do haha! And he said that he’s planning to get a nice set of speakers but also thinking of getting ceiling speakers. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about these stuff.

Well, if he won’t get it, we might just bear with what they have right now, the typical speakers. Don’t ask me what it’s called, coz I have no idea haha! Ask me about anything but not techie stuff, I don’t even know how to connect the TV to the DVD hahaha! Well, I guess it’s just not my thing…

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