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Are You An Impulsive Or A Wise Shopper/Spender?

I used to be an impulsive shopper/spender which eventually turned to being wise when it comes to buying things.

When I was still a student, I really didn’t care on how much would I spend for anything, may it be a branded item or not. I’m not so fond of branded items by the way. I’m a type of person who could go for anything as long as I like it. And it doesn’t matter how much it’ll cost me. I remember buying a long dress in year 1997 for P3,000 plus. of course, I paid it from my school allowance. But when I told my mom about it, she was like “mahal naman nyan, at saan mo naman yan isusuot eh di ka naman nagbebestida?” It was a long-sleeveless-sexy-cut dress in brown and embroidered design finish with long slits on both sides.

That was before. Everything changed the moment I got my first job. Maybe because I learned to value my money. Especially right after I had Deye. I always think twice before buying/spending whether it’s really needed or not. And I always consider that if I get those branded ones, I could buy a two of a similar imitation heehee! I just buy my hair color now. I don’t go to salons anymore and have them do it for me, coz it costs me more especially here abroad. A hair cut costs like P400. That’s why I’m growing my hair now hahaha!

How ’bout you? Which one are you?

Marketing Manager at Adventures Beyond Group | WAHM | Ex-OFW | Music Enthusiast | Cactus and Succulent Hobbyist | Hello Kitty Lover | A 42 y/o mom of two lovely girls sharing her adventures as she walks through motherhood and having to do most things on her own while her Indian national husband works miles away from home.


  • SexyMom

    i now know the difference between needs and wants, but sometimes, i still give in the to the wants of my children, that is, if finances allow.


  • Mitchteryosa

    When I was just pregnant, I kept on buying things for “her”. And I would hear these negative comments “masasayang lang yan kasi mabilis lumaki ang bata”. Tama pala sila. We’re thankful that gifts are still pouring. But just like you, Mommy Dine, we can’t help but to give in to our kids’ wants. I experienced this with my brother. (Pero medyo iba yung case nya, di ba nabasa mo yung “package”, it was one of my resorts para di sya magtampo sa akin.)


  • Arlene

    Sis, am between wise shopper and impulsive. am not impulsive my whole life bt had the splurge of itwhen i was living alone abroad for 3 years. ang dami kung basura nabili. LOL

    for dimple’s stuff, i don’t buy easily if it is a “want”. i let her work for it — like good grades. bt for needed stuff — dasal ko lang meron pera agad.


  • Mommy Chi

    as a mom, i tend to shop for jenna (and gavin) rather than for myself. my husband and I usually argue about how much money i spend on things that jenna doesn’t really need. pero kasi i grew up without toys and pretty clothes so parang binubuhos ko na lang sa anak ko since yun naman yung reason bakit ako nag wowork in the first place. when i shop for myself, kuha lang ako ng kuha pero once nasa counter na ako, isang item na lang natitira sa cart ko. minsan pa nga pinagtatawanan ako since madalas akong may dalang calculator pag nag sshopping. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • zherwin

    85% wise spender, 15% impulsive. but the 15% is the usually shocking one (like expensive, not really needed, etc). when it comes to cd’s, im now a wise spender, in books and magazines, too. clothes? not my really into it, i just buy when i needed one (and usually on sale, at least 50% off). ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Princess of CJ

    i was an impulsive buyer when i was working. i love shopping, even til now.. pero natututo na rin ako. i think, i’ve bought the stuff that i want in life and ive enjoyed it kaya ngayon, medyo wise na rin.

    pero, if i think na maluwag naman sa budget.. go pa rin. pero minsan na lng. maybe, it will change pag-dumating na baby namin. impulsive buyer siguro for him. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • ScroochChronicles

    I can be both, depending on the contents of my wallet..hahaha. But seriously, I’ve learned to be wiser in my purchases. Sayang naman ang pera. But if there is something I really, really like (for me or for the girls) binabalik-balikan ko yan. If I can’t shake it off, hala na..kung di naman masyadong mahal ๐Ÿ™‚


  • mommyness

    hmmm. same as you, mitch. ๐Ÿ˜‰ when i was still in college, I often go to the salon to have a hair makeover of some sort, buy clothes, shoes and accessories to my heart’s content. but everything has changed now. i always ask myself if i really need it. if i don’t then i put the item down. as with regards to vito, i still become impulsive sometimes. pero within the safe zone pa naman. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • raqgold

    am 50-50 — but when something i like is on sale as in, real sale – i became wild, haha! when it comes for the kids, more impulsive ๐Ÿ™‚


  • GreyMom

    Mitch, I’m a wise shopper/spender. I refuse to pay full price for anything. Being a Mom, you really have to watch where your money goes. At times when stuff goes on sale like toothpaste, soap and non-perishables, I buy a lot of them at a time. DH jokes that I’m either panic buying or invested in their stocks. LOL


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