Audiometric test

Before I was discharged from the hospital last Friday, I was endorsed to the EENT Department just across St. Jude Hospital to have a hearing test through audiometry. In this test, hearing is measured at frequencies varying from low pitches (250 Hz) to high pitches (8000 Hz).

Audiometry device

I was asked to sit down inside a closed room, put a headset on and a device that looked like a family computer joystick and instructed that each time I hear a sound, I have to press it quickly. There was a glass window partition between the person giving me the test and the room where I was in.

My undamaged ear was first tested, followed by the right ear, where the canal was already deformed as per Dr. Tolentino. The attending person who performed my hearing test confirmed the same.  After hearing different tones, we did the speech test where I was asked to repeat whatever words I heard. According to the lady, this test is done in able to identify the ear grade.

Glad I passed! The lady was happy to tell me that despite the damage in my right ear canal, I could still hear clearly that even if you drop the smallest coin cufflinks on the floor, I would hear the sound as they touch the ground. That’s how confident I am that nothing will go wrong!

Off to a follow up check up this morning. 🙂

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