Baby Care Myths That I Still Believe In

Usog. Whenever a stranger or anyone says something nice about my daughters, I always say “pwera usog”. Whenever Deye would  go out, people always notice her long eyelashes and pointed nose. I, without fail, ask them “pakilawayan po”. I know, to some it could be weird especially who were born in the 90’s but for me there’s nothing wrong if I follow the “pangontra” and that is the “laway” LOL!

Bigkis. A white piece of cloth often seen wrapped around the navel area of the baby. During Deye’s time I didn’t know what this is for. A wild guess was “maybe to keep her waist/hips in good shape” or in short para sexy especially if you have a girl until I read from a magazine that this is basically to avoid umbilical hernia. However, the wrapping of this cloth shouldn’t be too tight to avoid frequent reflux.

The rest of the myths like hamog, sinulid sa noo whenever the baby gets hiccups and gupit sa pilikmata para mahaba, um, I just laugh about them. I don’t see any relevance why these things should be practiced.

Just my thoughts…

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