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Back To Being Anorexic???

I want to gain weight!!! This may sound odd to those who are desperate in losing weight… I’m not kidding! I want to gain weight.

Believe me or not, my pre-pregnancy weight was 42 kgs. Only. The day I was admitted, I was 61 kgs. After Deye was out, back to 52 kgs. I had gained 10 kgs. to be exact. But that was only for few months.

Take a look at the >right photo. I was 8 months preggy there. 😉 You can’t even tell I was.

I haven’t checked my weight recently but I know that I am slowly going back to being anorexic :-(.

Just yesterday, a colleague of mine noticed that I was back to my figure. It didn’t make me happy. Rather made me worried. I, then checked my waistline. Oooops! It’s 27 again (after lunch)! From 29 down to 27. I can tell, the pants I’m wearing everyday are slowly becoming loose.

Six months ago, I remember arguing with my mother that the pants she’d brought for me were big. I asked for 26, and she bought 28 (to be safe). When I tried them on, they were just exactly fitting me.

I eat a lot. As I’ve said before, I’m a rice person. It could be lack of sleep. Or should I say no proper sleep. I can’t remember the last time I had a good long night sleep. *sigh*

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  • Arlene

    that’s just the anorexic look, sis. But really if you wanna have some weight — try the 6-7 hrs sleep and lots of food and maybe some weight gain supplements, too. You are always beautiful but in with your 8 months preggy weight — you are more beautiful. =)

    sana pwede ko pamigay ang weight ko coz surely would send by DHL some to you kahit gaano pa kamahal. LOL


  • ScroochChronicles

    Hay naku, women would kill to have your problem. Me naman, I was really anorexic before. I was thinking of writing about it pero dyahe. Ngayon..ngek…ewan ko ba parang nagbakasyon yung metabolism ko!!


  • sasha

    It’s probably in the genes, Mitch. Kasi I’ve relatives who are skinny kahit pa isang bandehadong rice ang kinakain lagi hehe

    Happy Friday! 🙂


  • chateau

    Mitch, as you know I struggle with weight loss so I am tempted to say ang sarap nga ng problem mo. But I know better now – weight gain is probably even more difficult that weight loss, esp with anorexia. I wish you well…
    naku, lack of sleep may as well be one of the reasons for my weight loss. Since nate was born 1 year ago, I have not had decent sleep (not exagg!).. Hay, ganito ata talaga ang pagiging mommy. But it won’t always be like this. and one day when they’re all grown and out of the coop, we will long for it to be like this again hehe.


  • Mitchteryosa

    @ Arlene : I wish I could do that 6-7 hrs sleep without getting/waking up in between.

    Kung pwede sis manguha ng taba ng iba, di na ako lalayo, sa mga pinsan ko lang sobra pa hehe!

    @ Scrooch : San mo pinagbakasyon, papuntahin ko nga din dun kahit one month lang hehe!

    @ Sasha : Kung sa genes, dapat mataba ako kasi lahat sila mataba sa amin hehe!

    @ Chats : Wag lang sana akong dumating sa point na biglang mag-iba ang problema ko pagdating ng araw – ang pagpapayat! :p


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