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Be Our Guest: Getting Your Spare Room Ready

Whether you come from a large family or a small one, you’ll know the importance of a guest bedroom. It’s not just for the once a year visit from your grandparents, but for those awesome party nights you may hold. You need somewhere for people to crash after a busy night and when travelling home becomes an impossibility, that spare bedroom becomes an asset.

Having guests stay over can be stressful for some, but for others it’s a pleasure. Being able to be the hostess and have people want to actually stay at your house is a complement. Sure, your best friend may eat cereal from a serving bowl and be comfortable enough to leave their stinky socks in your house, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort to impress with your guest bedroom. If you want some great ideas on how you can transform the spare bedroom in your house into a retreat that guests will love to stay in, then check out our list below:

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Comfort: The key to a good guest bedroom is the comfort. It’s not just the four-poster brass bed you have stood in the room, it’s the giant, six-foot beanbag you have for purely relaxing purposes. You can get some excellent product info from Comfy Sacks about said beanbags so you can offer your guests the ultimate comfort. Think about the flooring you have in there. If you can’t afford to pull up laminate and replace wholly with squashy carpets, then think about investing in some thick, full rugs. You can over most of the floor space with these so they get that gorgeous sinking feeling in between their toes in the morning. Carpets and rugs also make a room warm and cosy, making their comfort worth it. Add throw pillows and an ottoman full of spare blankets to the bed for exquisite comfort. You may only require a sheet to sleep under, but your guest may need thicker blankets to feel comfortable and if they’re on offer without them having to ask you, then you’re winning! 

Entertainment: Guests don’t just want to hang out in your house. They need some form of entertainment when they sleepover, especially if you have family staying with you and not just friends after a heavy night. Think about how your grandparents would feel entertained if they retreated to the bedroom early in the evening. Offering a shelving unit full of interesting books from all genres not only allows your guests entertainment, it also allows you to use the spare room to store them! You may have a huge book collection that’s eclectic and from various authors. By offering them in the spare bedroom, you can add a few cosy chairs and some lamps to create a wonderful ambience. Not sure on the books? Adding a television with access to cable is another idea of entertainment. Most guests will have their time spent with you in the house, but time alone should always be allowed so by giving them something to do during their visit, they’ll want to come back!

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Extras: Have you ever stayed at a posh hotel and wondered what that fold out stand is for? It’s a nifty little luggage stand so guests don’t have to be hunched over and rifling through their suitcases for their clothes. These can be easily stored in cupboards when not in use, and you have given an added touch in your guest room which older relatives will really appreciate. One of the other things that most people take for granted in hotels is the availability of hooks and hangers. If you install some extra hooks on the back of the door and have a coat hanger drilled into the wall, you’ll be on your way to the perfect guest experience. You don’t necessarily need all the extra hooks and hangers in your bedroom, because you already have a designated space for your things.

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Décor: A guest bedroom should be fairly neutral in its colour scheme, but it should also be bright! Lots of billowing white curtains with white walls and ceilings can make a room look very clean and airy. Add large vases of flowers on the surfaces and you can splash colour all over the room. A few freshly cut blooms from your own garden can really make a guest room look cosy and welcoming. Add a fan of the most recent magazines from the store and make it personal to whoever your guests are. You’d likely not offer car magazines for Grandma, but the latest women’s weeklies and gossip rags would be perfect!

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Luxury: You may not think of it for someone just spending a night after a party, but for your longer-term guests, why not add a little luxury to the room? Robes and slippers can be bought really cheaply but it’s the thought that counts here. Your guest room may not have an ensuite bathroom attached, so a robe to move from the bathroom to the guest room can make such a difference to the entire experience. You can even add a basket of toiletries for them to choose from and keep so that you don’t have your own toiletries used. Your guests should feel like they’re well-looked after, and an equipped bedside table with a small alarm clock, a dish for earrings and even a photo of the family would be a beautiful touch. Your house isn’t a hotel, but that doesn’t mean your guests can’t feel excited to stay with you.

If you want to really push the boat out, offer a breakfast the next morning upon waking up and have a few options. There’s something lovely about impressing a guest who is staying over for the night and if you can have them want to repeat the experience, you know you’re doing it right.

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