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Before I’m Gone

I’d known many people who had already bought memorial plans at an early age. They say “mabuti na ang sigurado na may paglalagyan sa akin at ng hindi na mamroblema ang mga maiiwan”. Practical speaking, there’s nothing wrong about it. But, I think it’s a morbid act.

Me? I haven’t got one…. yet. I’m sure my husband will take care of it, if I die before him awooooooooo!

But sometimes, I really think about of getting one. For myself. We already have, but for my parents. They bought it, so it’s not mine bwehehehe!

Okay let’s not get too scary…. Let’s just talk about the little things that you have in mind before you die…

Once I was sitting with my mom in the living room and out of the blue, I told her… “sapatusan niyo ako pag namatay ako ha?“. And she was like “sira, san ka nakakita ng patay na nakasapatos?” I said “ako“. Then I went on and on… I only want orchids, the lavander ones on my coffin. That they should be wearing white and not black. And please don’t play these typical funeral songs like “Hindi Kita Malilimutan”, instead play “Ugoy Ng Duyan”. She was like “heh, tumigil ka na nga“. Ooops! I forgot, I even joked of blowing my hair dry hahaha! I don’t want to have a bad hair day on my funeral.

No no no! I wasn’t giving signs that I was gonna die soon! Eh buhay pa nga ako hanggang ngayon di ba! And I’m sure matagal pa ako sa mundo! It’s just that I want my loved ones to know what I want and how I want to be treated before I’m gone….

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  • Mommy Chi

    well, at this age most of my cousins already have their living wills. they say it’s all about providing their children enough security when unplanned things happen. my husband and i talk about this “death” issue all the time. now that we have kids, it’s not really morbid to be prepared when the inevitable comes knocking at your door. i keep telling my husband what i want when i die so that in case that would happen (you never know), he’d do as i wish without feeling guilty.


  • feng

    ako rin, i haven’t availed of a memorial plan because i don’t have money to afford one at the moment. pero, if i would have spare for a memorial plan, i would get myself one para hindi na masyadong mahirapan ang loved ones ko.


  • kimmy

    i think about those things sometimes too. but i don’t want to articulate details i want for my funeral kasi feeling ko mamamatay na ako soon pag inilatag ko na ang mga gusto ko. hehehe!

    same here, i don’t want typical funeral songs that you mentioned. para maiba naman .


  • sasha

    Naku ako nga sinabi ko na sa mga kapatid ko na gusto ko i-cremate ako and yung abo dapat dalin nila sa bahay hehehe

    It’s a bit morbid to talk about death pero practical na tayo dapat. I will be getting a memorial plan na rin by next year. Buti ng ready talaga just in case di ba? 🙂

    Happy Monday, Mitch! 🙂


  • Mitchteryosa

    @ Mommy Chi : Kung pagiging practical talaga ang pag-uusapan, dapat na.

    @ Feng : Ang mahal pa naman na ngayon ng lote, plus pa yung MISC expenses.

    @ Kimmy : Masyado na kasing common yung mga funeral songs hehe!

    @ Sasha : Ako naman ayokong i-cremate kasi baka matapon lang ako hehe!


  • ScroochChronicles

    Nung nag-birthday asawa ko nung May I told him that I’d give him a memorial plan. Tinanong ko pa nga siya kung gusto niyang “cremationP or the real deal. I was joking but it was half meant. Sabi niya siguraduhin ko daw na transferrable kasi for sure mauuna akong mamatay. O di ba, sarap naming magmahalan 🙂

    Seriously though, it’s so much cheaper (and hygienic) to get cremated. The last time I checked parang mga 45k lang kasama na yung urn. We’ve both decided to be cremated na nga eh.


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