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A Lot Of Work For A Small ID

I noticed that Postal ID is now being honored in almost all the important transactions here so I went this morning to apply for one. I actually went to inquire and applied for the same around 3 months ago but my photos were rejected coz I was wearing my eyeglasses. Yesterday, I got the chance to take a new one minus the eyeglasses and made enough copies in different sizes for future use. When I reached the Post Office counter, no one seemed to notice that there’s a customer waiting for their assistance until I said “Excuse me, I would like to apply for a Postal ID”, to think they were just plainly chatting about w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r! Then only she paid attention and handed me the form. Mind you they won’t even look at your face! Duh! I didn’t realize that they now require “cedula” and that the filled up form has to be notarized. I then left the Post Office and went to our Barangay Office to get the cedula and clearance. I really appreciate the office clerk in the Barangay Office who helped and gave me detailed information on where to have the form notarized and what to do next so I won’t need to ask those clerks in the Post Office. Hmp! I wish and hope that someone from the said office is reading right now, so they’d know what they’re doing isn’t so right. As much as they do, we also want our works to be done. After going back and forth to the Post Office and Law Office twice, I finally got my Postal ID ready. It’s the first official ID I got where I used my married name. Woohoooooo! I’m no longer an alien in my own place teehee! By the way, here’s a breakdown of how much I’ve totally spent to get this ID:

Postal ID P220 Notary P100 Cedula/Barangay Clearance P58 Xerox (3 copies) P5 Tricycle (2 rides) P40 Jeep (2 rides) P8 Photo ID P65 Total P496

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  • arlene

    that’s cool sis and congrats for successfully doing it. i still don’t have one like that maybe in the future if a need will arise, might think about this. siguro i will spend a 1000 na jst fo rthat

    btw, nice picture. ganda ka dyan. and i like ur new look this time. like mo ang pinas kasi ur eating well huh!

    and hey, tagged u here:

    happy sharing!

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  • rhoen

    I just hate it when there are Philippines government employees who doesn’t respect you! The heck with you guys! You are paid by the people’s taxes! Imagine, kukuha ka lang nang Postal ID almost 500pesos nah! Naks naman tong mga taong ganito! Sorry, mitch, pero nakakainis yang mga ganyan eh…kung minsan, papagalitan ka pa! hay naku! Buti nalang at nakakuha ka na nang Postal ID mo. Eh yong votersID ko 5 years na..wala pa rin! 🙂


  • Mitch

    @ Arlene : Pinagtiyagaan ko na ngang kunin kanina at tapusin lahat kasi very useful naman yung ID. Wala pa kasi akong ID na gamit ang last name ni D hehe! And I’d be needing one for bank reqs…


  • Mitch

    @ Rhoen : I so agree with you. Pagbalik ko naman from the Barangay Office kumakain lang sila ng pansit hmp! Yup, kumakain sa mismong harap ng counter, mga busog naman pero ang susungit! Nakakagigil nga minsan!


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