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Bonding “Crying” MOMents

It was raining heavily yesterday. Didn’t get the chance to go out or even surf the net during the day. As usual, my connection was acting up. We spent the day watching Tagalog movies. When it was Inang Yaya playing, Deye sat beside me quietly. Maybe because there were two kids in the movie.

There was this part where Maricel Soriano, who played the role of a nanny, decided to leave her employer because her daughter was being blamed by the grandmother, played by Liza Lorena that she took her grand daughter’s necklace. What she didn’t know that her grand daughter gave it to the other girl as a token of gratitude for saving her life when she almost drowned in the pool. I was already crying watching that scene. And when I checked on Deye, she was also crying hahaha! I think she understood the situation… Then I asked her, why are you crying? She answered “ate, wawa, crying…” Awwww! She felt so sorry for the girl because the little girl was crying heehee!

Now, every time I tease her for crying yesterday, she covers her eyes hahaha!

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