As part of the Distributors’ Training that we are currently organizing, we have listed down the possible activities that we are going to have for 3 days in August and these are:

  • Wrap up of last year’s training
  • Product familiarization
  • Fellowship night
  • Marketing workshop
  • Demonstration and installation of products

Since International attendees are expected, we are of course treating them for a leisure trip after a hard work of training. Aside from that, we have also considered giving away items this time. Aside from the tshirts that are included from Day 1, we are also thinking of customizing items for them to use in their offices. Suggested items are as follows:

  • USB with our Company profile and presentations saved in it.
  • Some calendar printing, of course for next year’s use
  • Notebooks
  • Pens
  • Pencils, I feel that pencil is a very good alternative for pen. Pen at times does not serve the purpose right. At least pencils do not run out of ink.

Sure there are hundreds of available giveaways in the market but we also have to consider the extra weight they have to carry. Aside from the brochures and demo products, for sure they also have plans to shop for their families.

Next week is our deadline to lay down the full programme and budget for this event. At the moment, I am experiencing shortage of ideas to make this plan work. I had been so tied up with meetings these past days that I have even neglected some of my minor tasks.

Mitch Carvalho

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