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Choosing the right shade of lipstick

I’m one of the many women who believe that I can’t wear red lipstick. I just feel awkward seeing my lips wearing such striking shade though I’ve always wanted to try. I find it so sexy and elegant especially when you are wearing a black dress, just perfect!

Until lately, with Gayle encouraging me, I did. In fairness, I looked okay. From that day on, I have been alternating my lipsticks from brown to red shades. But of course, I always do my homework and check on tips on how to choose the right shade of lipstick for myself. I’ve read that:

“If I had to teach someone just one thing about lip color it would be this: Find a lipstick that looks good on your face when you are wearing absolutely no makeup.” – Bobbi Brown

Pink-skinned girls should opt for cherry red. Those with olive skin can wear fire-engine red. Dark skin looks great with deep reds. One big red lipstick no-no: It’s best not to match lips to your outfit.

To test shades, apply lipstick or gloss to one lip. If that color is just a shade or two deeper than your bare lip, then you’ve found your shade.

To date, I have not tried any of the three! My bad! I hope I did not go wrong with the shades I have been wearing since!

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