These are just few of my many lipsticks. If you noticed, all of them no longer have the pointed shape. If there’s one thing I need to learn first about make ups, that would be the proper application of lipstick. I didn’t know that in able to get a beautiful effect and an even application, you would also need a lip balm, powder and tissue. Hmmmm… girls! We, sometimes love the challenge of complicated things! In my case, I have always applied the lipstick directly onto my lips from the stick. Until Gayle advised me to try using a lip brush. I’ve always had a lip brush but never paid attention to it. My bestfriend keeps on sending me stuff like this. Who I am to refuse?

Anyway, I’ve searched the net and found this How to apply lipstick video tutorial. The whole clip is also transcribed (found below the video clip) so don’t worry, you have an option either to watch or read.

I should try this tomorrow!



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