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Creative Uses for Decorative Easels

Although they are created and marketed as a means of displaying artwork in your home, office or other location, decorative easels can in fact be used in many ways, both practical and ornamental. People attending online art classes would love to have their own easel. If you are fortunate enough to have one of these attractive, ornate items around, here are some uses for decorative easels that you may not have considered.

Prop up a book, magazine or papers. Use an easelto hold an open cookbook while you follow a recipe in the kitchen. Read a novel or interesting article while keeping your hands free to knit, hold your baby or simply rest. You can even use decorative easels as office supplies. When you need to retype a report or other stack of papers, simply place the pages on an easel on your desk so that you can easily read them while typing.

Since artist easels are often embellished and painted pretty colors, why not use them as party supplies? Place a sign welcoming guests or directing them to the reception area on an easel at a wedding or other event. Use easels to display guest books, a board holding nametags or descriptions of appetizers.

You can use an easel to exhibit a sign for practically any purpose. Point potential shoppers to your yard sale with a large easel or use a smaller one to list the prices for your flea market, bake sale or craft show items. Alternatively, you could announce the birth of your newest family member with an “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” poster on an easel in your front yard.

If you have several decorative easels, group them together on a table and show off your children’s drawings in a sort of miniature art show. On the other hand, you might arrange them on your piano to hold some of your favorite sheet music in a display that is both lovely and practical.

Easels are ideal when you want to present a menu, but you do not have to own a restaurant to benefit from this idea. Rest a chalkboard or dry erase board on an easel in your kitchen and jot down your dinner plans for the week. This option would also work if you want to keep a weekly calendar or grocery shopping list handy for your entire family to access.

The next time a decorative easel catches your eye, pick it up and take it home. With these creative ideas on hand, you will be glad that you did.

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