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CW: Leaf sketches

I have not been feeling well for the past days and thought I’d pass this weekend to our artwork day, but Deye won’t spare me. I just couldn’t think of something. I told Deye to give me a few minutes and see if I can come up to something. I, then, went to the terrace to actually get some fresh air but ended up picking a small guava leaf and thought of something for this week’s artwork!

Leaf sketches

Materials needed:
A4 paper or sketch pad
Old crayons, unwrapped
Leaf, any will do but preferably the ones with more embossed veins

Here’s how:

  1. Put the leaf under the paper.
  2. Then color the part where the leaf is put. As much as possible hold the crayon horizontally to give an “even” result, touching the veins only.
  3. Use different colors as you wish.

Leaf sketches

I initiated with one leaf and Deye did the rest.

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