Day 2 of No Soda

I’m sure everyone would agree that soda is such an addictive  and irresistible beverage high in acid. Despite that, I still couldn’t help but continue drinking it that sometimes makes me forget to drink water at all. If there’s a drug rehab rehab for soda drinkers, I would have gone there at my own accord and confined myself till I am completely out of this bad habit. Thank God there’s none otherwise my family would be Googling for some online help now to help me get better.

I have been warned many times to completely stop this unhealthy habit. I did but just for a while. That positively happens only when I’m on medication. And then the habit continues the moment I felt better.

But since I’m on my last trimester already, I thought it’s a good timing to break this unhealthy habit and say no to soda at all!

To my surprise, I did it! And it’s quite a good start I believe. For a big soda drinker like me, 2 days without it is already a big challenge.

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  1. I haven’t drunk soda for a real long time and trust me once you don’t for a few months you’ll hate the taste of it!

    I can’t stand Coke or Pepsi anymore – couldn’t drink it if you paid me!


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