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Sometimes heavy rains really help. Got nothing to do yesterday coz my Internet was down and the power was on and off. So I thought it would be a productive day if I’d just re-arrange our bedroom and do some decluttering. I was able to switch my daughter’s study table to where our tv was placed and kept the tv near the window. It’s now more spacious compared before. Emptied the cabinet underneath my hairdresser and found the old Clarks shoes and some of my daughter’s baby shoes that my friend gave when we were still in Bahrain.

Thought a hundred times what should I do with my headbands. I used to hang them before but it really irritates me when one falls down everytime I get one so here’s what I did:

Guess what that was? It’s my daughter’s Barney candy pillow LOL! Better yeah?

And here’s my little kikay corner. My make up kits are kept where Deye can’t reach them so I kept them inside my closet haha!

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