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Tagged by Mich. Just in time… I really wanted to blog about how my day went today yesterday. Thanks Mommy Mich!

Here are the Rules:
1. List 6 things that describe yourself today or yesterday.
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Yesterday, I:

1. had a good sleep. Though I slept very late, um, well actually early for the next day haha! I went to bed earlier than the usual but wasn’t able to sleep right away. Somebody must be thinking of me huh!

2. was wearing a smile on my face when I woke up. Deye woke me up and exactly said in a sterned voice “Mama, why you put the AC off?”! There was my “reklamadorang anak” complaining for the same thing every morning. I of course defended myself for turning it off, I was freezing, exagg but true hahaha! Lamig kaya dahil maulan… Hay!

3. After breakfast, I got a text message from Smart that I could come and collect my new sim yey! Somebody actually called me a night before yesterday from the same office saying that my application has been approved but chips have not arrived to Olongapo yet until Friday. So I texted her back and told her. She said that they have come already. So I hurried to the Smart Center and got my new number teehee!

4. I was about to catch a ride when my empty stomach directed me to Razon’s. Geez! I didn’t know (ever) that it does exist here in our place, a very famous resto that caters the best halo-halo and palabok. I bought a bilao good for 6 pax. Yum!

5. The moment I reached home, I checked my sim if it was already activated. Called and texted my other {Globe} number. It did receive the call and messages so I started informing everyone in my phonebook to please save my new number. If I’m not mistaken, I got around 10 messages asking me for the same thing “Why did you change your number?” You may ask why… well… because they were so surprised that I finally changed my 5 year old number hahaha! I’ve been using that as my roaming number. LOL! Some of them even reacted “Just double checking, maybe just an impostor! Alam mo na kapag celebrity” LOL!

6. Lastly, I was able to meet some of my long time online friends whom I’ve met first 7 years ago, back the days when we still had the Olongapo Room in YM Chat Room. One of them messaged me that she’s back from Dubai vacationing and wondering if I’d come and join them for a simple dinner. As usual it was my daughter whom they realyy wanted to see, and not me. Ahuhuhuhu!

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