The market is full of a variety of bicycles and bikes, but these days women’s beach cruiser with gears are getting quite popular amongst ladies. There are so many reasons behind its popularity and one of the main reasons is that it is lightweight and less expensive as compared to other gear bikes. Cruiser bicycle is well known as moto bike or beach cruiser and is a bicycle which combines balloon tires, upright seat, single speed drivetrain and steel construction body with the best styling. Cruisers are very popular among casual vacationers and bicyclists as they are easy to ride and stable, but its heavy weight balloon tires make them slow. They are designed in such a way that, they can be used primarily on roads for moderate distances and also included in touring class, non-race and middleweight style of road.

Types of cruiser bikes – Although, most of the cruiser bikes look same in comparison with a mountain bike or road bike. But, once you will dive into the world of cruiser bikes you will find that there are different types of bikes available. Beach cruisers are well known for their extended handlebars, comfortable and extra late seats and upright seating position. Most of the beaches cruisers incorporate 26-inch wheel with flat and fat tires, this makes riding much easier on sand covered roads.

Stretch cruiser is one of the most demanding beach bikes and is quite similar to classic beach bikes, but have elongated handlebars. This results in a more reclined seating position that upright one and it make riders enjoy medium and short trips between beaches and home.

Low rider cruiser is another variant of beach cruiser and with traditional design also feature short seat just like motorcycles. In these types of cruisers, you will find handlebar placed above your head.

Another variant of beach cruiser is choppers which feature front wheel at 45-degree angle and this form of a bike is truly mimic of traditional motorbike style.

If you love riding beach bike at high speed, then you can prefer adding hybrid bicycle handlebars in your beach cruiser. Handlebars are slightly lower and more forwarded; this moves your body in much aggressive posture and even encourages it for moving. But, you should always buy a bike matching with your body posture and riding style.

Get your customized beach cruiser – Although you will easily find different variants of cruiser bikes in the market, if you are not able to get one matching with your requirement then you can have a customized beach bike. Now, you can build your own bicycle as per your need at affordable price. Many bicycle selling sites are there which offer this unique feature of customization. All you need to do is just select the frame, seat, a number of gears, cup holders, and other important accessories, make your payment rest will be done by the site. One of the main benefits that you will enjoy by investing in a customized bike is high durability, flexibility, unique design and styling benefit.

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