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Coralview Beach Resort

Just in time for the long weekend in celebration of the Chinese New Year declared by our Philippine President Noynoy “P-Noy” Aquino, and my husband’s 3-week vacation, we were able to squeeze in our schedule and spent our weekend over at Coralview Beach Resort in Bataan just 45 minutes away from Subic.

Coralview Beach Resort

That was actually my 2nd time in that Resort and I would say the place has improved a bit and got bigger with the added playground. The only thing that has not improved was the supply of water in the rooms. It was our Manager who complained 2 years ago that he was not getting enough water supply in his room and true enough we had experienced the same thing again.

But that didn’t stop up to enjoy! Besides, this family gathering only happens once a year so there’s no reason to spoil the days just because we didn’t have enough water. I booked 1 Premiere Room for my parents and the girls and a Deluxe Room for my husband and I.

Premiere Room

The Premiere Room rates at Php5,000.00 per night, a max of 4 pax inclusive of breakfast and entrance fee for 4 at Php700 each. It has a cable TV, heater, fridge and 2 queen beds.

Deluxe Room

The Deluxe Room rates at Php4,000.00 per night but they only charged me Php3,000.00 since I am a returning visitor., a max of 4 pax, also inclusive of breakfast and entrance fee at Php700 each. It has a cable TV (without the remote control available, I am not sure if it went missing or the staff has forgotten to check on it. Again, since we did not go there to watch TV, we did not complain), heater, and 2 queen beds.

They were also considerate to let us checked in at 10am when the standard check-in time is at 12noon. We vacated the smaller room at half past 4pm instead at 2pm coz the van that we rented to pick us up came late. So thankful for that! With 2 kids, sure you don’t wanna wander around the Resort waiting and doing nothing, unsettled yet.

The Resort has 3 functional pools, 2 for adults and a kiddie pool.

Adult Pool - Panoramic Shot

Adult Pool

Adult Pool

Kiddie Pool

It has big Cabanas where families can actually pass their time. That’s what we did in the afternoon. We all sat there while we keep an eye on our kids as they enjoy playing in the sand.


The guy who helped us kept our stuff in the room informed us on their available activities and we opted for “boating” which none of them, except for my husband and I had experienced. The “bangkero” charged us for only Php150 per head (kids are free of charge) for an hour ride, that included a hop to “Pawikan” and Snorkeling. None of us braved the deep water and did the last activity haha! We were satisfied enough to enjoy the breeze and view.

The “bangkero” was friendly to us so we gave him a thousand for that trip, and treated him to snacks.


We spent a little of our time that afternoon on the beach. That’s actually what I did not like most. I just wish they’d do some maintenance in whatever beach portion they own. I won’t let my kids get in the water with too many sea grasses in it.

Before the sun set, a lady staff approached us about what we wanted for breakfast the next day. There were about 5 items to choose from. By the way, bringing of food and drinks is allowed at Php50 head corkage fee. My youngest was not charged for that. It would have been better if my other daughter wasn’t also charged. Plus it wasn’t explained clearly that corkage fee for food is separate from drinks. So we were charged a total of Php600 for this, Php300 for food at 6pax and another Php300 for drinks at 6pax.


All in all, we had a good time.


For inquiries, please contact:
Coralview Beach Resort, Bataan
Tess Esguerra, Resort Manager
0917 383 8592

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