Somebody is jealous telling me I wonder when your contacts would think of having a gift basket delivered to dad’s front door referring to himself. That’s my husband, by the way. I mentioned over Skype last night that I’d be saving Php300 for a McDo treat for the girls on Saturday, after Ate Deye’s school programme. That’s right! Dryper’s has decided to treat the kids out. Indeed a mom’s partner huh?

Last weekend, I received a small packet via LBC. It had 3 gift certificates, Php100 each that can be consumed in McDonald’s.

Gift Certificates

Frankly, I don’t remember how I got these certificates. The only thing I remember that has got something to do with them was when I entered a giveaway contest, but that contest is still ongoing.

These certificates really made me smile. We had been Dryper’s user from Deye’s time. And now it’s my bunso’s turn. She uses Dryper’s Wee Wee Dry XL. Guess what? Dryper’s has got new designs, I’m just not sure if these are limited edition.

Dryper's Wee Wee Dry XL

Dryper’s knows how to please both the parents. One has I heart mummy in front and I love daddy at the back. So sweet eh?

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