PF: McDonald’s My Little Pony Happy Meal

After Deye’s school event, we went straight to McDonald’s and finally consumed the gift certificates that Dryper’s had sent me almost two weeks ago. As usual, Deye opted for a Happy Meal not because she loves nuggets or spaghetti but she wanted to have the toys. This is the usual scenario when we go to McDonald’s. Frankly, I prefer the toys from McDonald’s than Jollibee’s. Anyway, here’s what the girls got:

Happy Meal

As expected, the pink one goes to Ate Deye, and the blue one to Ishi. Ate Deye is taking advantage of the fact that Ishi is not yet capable of choosing or insisting what she wants.

Here’s a closer look of the pink one:

Happy Meal

Isn’t she cute?

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  1. awww…kawaiiii!!my kids would love to have that!Ang McDonald toys naman dito last week was a Hello Kitty charm.Mga bata talaga,walang kasawa-sawa sa mga toys noh?Kahit na marami na hala sige pa rin lol ^_^

    Thanks for dropping by!


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