Early Christmas Gift For PPF’nians

It supposed to be a surprised gift, but…. how do we get their postal addresses if we don’t tell them? LOL! Anyway, Mr. J, the man behind PP Blog and PPF had come up to this idea. I’m just his right hand teehee! Okay ,let’s get to what the title talks about… the first 20 members who registered in the said forum will soon receive an early Christmas gift from Mr. J through me {talagang may through me eh no? Extra! LOL!}, or let’s say a small token of appreciation for all the time and efforts spent with PPF. By the way, the photo on the left is the actual shirt that I designed {naks!}.

And that’s my daughter showing off her shirt. Syempre meron din sya haha! Yesterday, I managed to send the shirts to those who are residing in the Philippines. You know who you are. PM me when you received the packages. Thanks!

There’s more to come. Just head on to Balitang P to know the latest “pakulo” that Mr. J has in stored for all of us. See you there!

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