Last May, Gayle and I attended Lloyd Luna’s 19th Internet Marketing Workshop in Manila. One of the many things that we learned from him was Email Marketing that we had  implemented at work immediately. The boss appreciated it very much as it brought us positive feedback just after few days of introducing it to the team. Here are some few tips:

(1) Email address should be short and easy to remember. A personal email should not be with too many numbers and “patweetums” ID i.e. And a corporate email should be branded i.e. juan{at} It should also be uniformed. If the Company choose this pattern, then everyone should have the same pattern.

(2) Sender’s name are advised to come in bold letters i.e. JUAN DELA CRUZ, again, uniformity rule should be followed.

(3) Avoid spam trigger words in the subject line. Recommended subject line should only have between 80-100 characters.

(4) The body of the letter should be in a letterhead format for branding purposes.

(5) It should also contain a uniform signature with your Company logo linking to your website. Email address is not advised to be included as it is already obvious that, that is your email address when your recipient receives your email.

This blogpost now reminds me to check on quality network cables.

Mitch Carvalho

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