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Employed finally, and it’s home-based!

Indeed, good things come to those who wait. After almost two months of trying to get the perfect job for me, with about 10+ job applications, I am employed finally and it’s home-based!!

I only asked for a part-time job with a fair rate but I was given a full-time position that pays quite decent. The best part is I can work on flexible 4 hours, and another 4 hours US time, with my pajamas still on.

Going back to my job hunt journey two months ago, I’ve almost lost my confidence. In fact, I was demotivated. I told my husband about my frustrations of not getting hired. You know the feeling of being rejected more than 10 times despite your work experiences? I almost gave up!

Then, finally the Recruitment Specialist of Virtual Staff Finder Careers, Ma’am Meriam, whom I have been dealing with for the past two months popped up on Skype one morning and asked me if I still want to try for another job opening, as it fits my qualifications. At the back of my mind, here we go again. But I said okay, I can try. Then, we did the usual process. She sent me the details and had my initial interview and told me that she’d get back to me once a schedule for my final interview has been made. It took a week before it happened. I thought it was just one of those many rejections in the past couple of months, until…. 

I did so many interviews since I started working but never felt so calm and at ease the moment I went online and started talking with the Employer, now my boss. He, at first, asked to do a Q & A through chat, literally type my answers. I knew he was testing my typing skills haha! Then followed by a formal interview. As we went along, I had a good feeling but didn’t want to assume. Before our conservation ended, he asked if it’s okay to have a second interview the next day, on a Saturday. I gladly said yes, of course.

Saturday came. He first asked me “How soon can you start? You think you can handle an overlap of 4 hours, our time, because you know we have these meetings blah blah blah…?” Instead of answering his questions, I had to ask him back “Did you mean I am already in?” “Oh, yes, you are, you will be reporting to blah blah blah…”

We agreed that I do an overlap of 4 hours, CST and another 4 hours PHT. He was too considerate to allow me to do split hours as I also need to do my mommy duties, you know.

There. From that day on, this quote has become my favorite haha!

15193665_10155478217219307_8028496370363558882_nI’ll be completing my first week tomorrow and have no complains. I was gifted with a very supportive team and great bosses! Too early to tell, you may say, but I just know. We even have this group chat on Skype coined as “Water Cooler” where we exchange chats when we feel the need to breathe from too much Googling hahaha!

Indeed, it’s definitely worth the wait.

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