Erchelle : Birthing Story Part 2

January 17, 7pm. I was induced at 2cm. That was past 24 hours already. We were all hoping I’d give birth few more hours later coz I was already having strong labor pains.

January 18, 12mn. I had another IE at 5cm. Since my waterbag broke already and I’m getting stronger pains, I was given sedatives to keep me calm and take a nap for sometime. Again, the hope to deliver the baby was expected at 4am at least. At this time, my OB told me that I’m not dilating at all. Despite the long hours of active labor pains, the progress is very very slow. If after 3 hours, I’d still be at 5cm, there’s no other choice but to give birth via CSec, coz I’m already dehydrated and she worries that there might be a problem with the baby inside. After an hour or so I called her up and told her that I already spoke to my husband and we are willing to have a CSec.

At exactly 7am of January 18, I had another IE and unfortunately there was no progress. I then gave my final go signal and signed all the docs needed for a CSec. I started  feeling uneasy and in fact peed in bed because of the tension I was having at that moment. I couldn’t control it. When I was taken to the OR, There were the doctors waiting, keeping me calm and cheering me up not to feel nervous. The Anesthesiologist on my right, the Pedia on my left and OB holding my left hand tightly while the Anesthesiologist did her job. As how it goes, this won’t hurt but it will sting a bit. Curled up, I was crying. I’m sure I cried for being nervous but not because of the pain. Few minutes later, I was already numb from belly down, but still conscious.

I even heard them talking about the “Bra moments” that made FB women crazy two weeks ago. When the Anesthesiologist said, few minutes from now you’ll see your baby. Then I remembered I forgot my digicam in the room. I screamed and said “Doc, nalimutan ko po yung cam kong dalhin!” Everybody laughed including me but I could feel my tears coming from my eyes. Literally tears rolling down my cheeks. Someone said “Okay papakuha natin!”

At 750am, I heard her cry. I heard Erchelle cried! So tiny but powerful cry!

The first thing I notice was her nose, just like Dada and Ate Deye’s. Next thing I knew, I was already in my room at half past 1pm. Mom, dad and Ate Deye were already there telling me that they’ve seen the baby already in the nursery room. I was half awake and barely understood the rest of what they said. I went back to sleep I guess. And when I was finally awake, it was almost dark, I saw Deye staring at me and sitting beside me on my bed.

I’d say that was indeed a hard labor. But all worth it! As I write and end this post, my two girls are asleep beside me. And what makes it more worthwhile was the fact that even he’s miles away from me, I felt his presence and support all the way. Who else but my dear husband who kept on calling my mom’s fone asking how I was, another tear dropped from my eye when he said over the phone “Sorry Mahal, you had to go through this”. I said nothing else but “Love you and see you soon…

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