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Okay class, find your height!!

These words were famous and often heard during flag ceremonies and other school programs that require the students to fall in line. Hmp! They never sounded great to my ears! I’m 5′ 4 1/2″, weighing 52 kgs. Sounds and looks good right? Did you notice the 1/2? Of course, that’s important! Those figures make me taller than the rest bwehehehe! But having the height isn’t always an advantage. It’s not always beautiful like how others see it.

*If you are already tall and it so happened that you love wearing high heeled shoes, either people stare at you as if they were trying to tell you “hey, you don’t need it, you know etc…” or you easily get noticed in the crowd. Thank God I don’t hehehe! Both! I don’t wear high heeled shoes unless it’s really needed and I don’t get noticed so easily! 😉

*If you’re a student, you’d often find yourself in the last row. Good thing our class adviser followed a seat plan according to our family names. At least, I got to sit on the second row. Even when I watch a concert, I had to give way to those who are shorter than me so that they would enjoy the show.

I was one of the lucky ones who passed and managed to join the CAT MoCoy (Model Company) back in High School. At first, I had the same thought that for sure I’ll be in the last row again, because of my height. You know how drills are done – strict like you’re in a real military drill…. That first thought made me so thankful. At least I’d be in the last row… At least the officer wouldn’t notice if I make a single move. At least I won’t get noticed in any way… I was wrong… I didn’t know that those who have the height get the first row. I was one of those six tallest girls who share the same height in the platoon. Unfortunately, our Officer assigned me to be on the first slot from left. One wrong move to a wrong direction, we’re all dead!

Being on that post for the whole school year, every 4pm under the sun in the school quadrangle, 5 days a week – was never easy. Imagine a 5′ 4 1/2″ tall skinny teenage girl being shouted at “Cortez! Tiger look!” or “Cortez! Squat!for God knows how many times, Feels like I was melting like an ice cream because my crush was standing opposite to where I was. Hahaha! That made me shivered all the time. Hehehe!


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  • janet

    hahaha! it just proves that nobody is really satisfied with what they have. ako naman, i get very conscious pag height na pinag uusapan kasi 5′ flat lang ako (hindi puede maging model, hindi puede maging ms universe. it’s hard to be noticed. hahaha! and one more, i adore (and wish to be) tall and skinny!!!

    Okay naman ako sa height ko, pero di lang tulad ng isip ng iba na may disadvantages din. Di laging maganda lang hahahaha! Subukan mong tisurin ang malaking babae o matangkad, ang sagwa. Pero pag maliit ang natisod cute hehehe!


  • Kongkong622

    Mitch, pareho pala tayong tall girl. I’m 5’6 3/4. Note: Important yung 3/4!! I had a couple of classmates and pals who were also tall so I didn’t feel like the odd one out. Ok lang. Actually, it worked to my advantage. Yun mga CAT officers namin puro pandak eh. Takot sila sa akin. Hehehe. One time sinabihan ako ng “De Guzman, 2 demerits, unshaven mustache!!” Pagdating ng Monday, civilian na kami lahat, binatukan ko nga!!

    Grabe! Ang taas mo pala, bigla akong napandak sayo hehehe! Oo ah important yang 1/2 at 3/4 sa height hahaha!

    Di ako nakaganti sa nagpa-squat sa akin eh! :p


  • lady cess

    i believe you’re above average in height. i know a lot of guys who are way, way smaller than you, and theyre grown ups 😀

    Sa height ng babae mataas na nga ang 5’4 1/2“. Pero sa pamilya namin kasama na ang mga pinsan, maliit ako. 🙁


  • cheche

    same height pala tayo. but i was short when i was a kid. naalala ko tuloy ung cat days ko. nd naman tayo same position pero asa harap din ako. kakairita d ba? nd ka makadaya =D

    When I was a student, mataas na din ako pero ngayon maliit na compared sa iba… Actually yung sa CAT, di kasi ako nakapasa maging officer, bagsak sa voice projection hahaha! Tining kasi boses ko. :p


  • Mithi

    Naku, ako po 5’6”, 5’7″ sa timbang na 110 lbs at HINDI SIYA NAKAKATUWA. Pramis.

    Kung ako din siguro mataba, di ako matangkad tingnan kasi 5’4 1/2” lang naman.


  • angel

    hahaha! this is a funny post. mitch, i can super relate. i’m around the same height as you are but i don’t know the exact figure. I used to wear heels but now I’ve gotten around to using flats or an inch-heel because hubby is not that tall. Hehe. So, in the pursuit of looking good as a couple, i resort to cute flats. 🙂

    There was a time na super fond ako sa high heeled shoes/stilleto pero mula nung mabuntis at nasanay sa flat shoes, di na ako comfortable pag nakahigh heeled.

    My hubby is 5′ 8″ lang ata, kaya pag nakaheels ako halos sinlaki lang kami hehe!


  • Rach (Heart of Rachel)

    When I was in early years of grade school, I was tallest in my class. It felt good then later on I realized there were so many students taller than me. After a while, I accepted that I had an average height.

    BTW, I finished the 5 Best Nights meme. Sorry for the delay.

    Ako din mataas na nung student pa pero mas madaming mas matangkad sa akin.

    No prob…. Thanks for playing along…


  • goddessofthenightsky

    hehehe… reminds me of my elementary days. since i am petite, i was always in the first five our the line or in front when it comes to class pictures or school programs (sing and dance numbers, etc.) being small has its advantages too. 🙂


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