Your home may be a reflection of yourself, but when it comes to getting it sold, you may want to avoid making it so personal. It is no longer about what your personal taste is, but what the buyer wants. To give your home the best chance of being sold in the property market, here are five design trends to avoid before announcing the sale:

Bold paint colors
Even something as simple as wall paint could discourage potential buyers. It is best to avoid bright colors, dated colors and metallic shades. Whatever color theme you use, it should be kept consistent throughout your home. If your home does happen to have bold colors, paint everything in white or cream to be on the safe side.

Hardware and accessories that shine
Shiny hardware and accessories in your home is not a bad thing, but it can be overdone. Having too much shine can actually turn off buyers. Instead of going for bold, it is better to go for a more subtle appearance. This design principle has always stood the test of time. Think brushed nickel as opposed to shiny brass and copper.

Bathrooms in Bedrooms
It has been a trend to have a bathroom installed right in the master bedroom. However, some buyers might not feel this is right. In reality, some people don’t like the idea of showering in the middle of a bedroom, no matter how convenient it is. The best way to remedy this is a room renovation, which might hurt your wallet a little.

Bedrooms converted to something else
Spare bedrooms can be useful if you have a favorite hobby that you want to pursue in privacy. But the problem arises when you are trying to convince a buyer that your bedroom-turned-art-supply-room is still a bedroom. Everything must be kept in proportion. If it is necessary, take steps to reconvert this space into its original state. 

Wall-to-wall carpeting is a trend that has not really disappeared. It may be easy on the feet and low-maintenance for most families, but buyers still get discouraged by it. They would rather see hardwood flooring, as this is always fashionable and flexible with just about any interior design.

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If you happen to have one or more of these household interior designs, you may have some work to do before selling your home. You can browse through various websites and get an idea of what a bestselling home looks like. Zipmatch, a Philippine real estate marketplace, is a great platform to see the best properties up for sale. Make comparisons and take notes, so you can adjust your home to get the best deal. You can also talk to reputable brokers who will give you much needed advice. Renovating may cost a little, but it would be worth it for you and your home buyer.

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