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Gadgets and responsibility

It might be nice to have the latest gadgets released but these often come with responsibility. It’s exciting to know the newest applications but the more you install, the higher the maintenance you might come across.

I admit, I suck at maintenance. Many times I failed fully charging my gadgets as required and recommended in the manual. Call it “excitement”. I am sure everyone would agree to that. Who wouldn’t want to explore your new gadget right away especially when you’ve been wanting to have it? As I was saying, I suck and fail at maintenance. I’m lucky to have known someone who is just a text away for that.

Just recently, I almost lost my not-even-2-months Samsung Galaxy Note. I was just lucky that it was noticed and found by the attending food attendant before somebody else occupied the table where we had our meal.

When I think of my gadgets, I feel better. But when the reality sinks in that I also have to handle them with care, that’s when I tell myself enough! I’m kidding!!! Teehee!

Speaking of gadgets, do you know where I could find the best ps3 headset?

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