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Getting A New Tattoo For Myself

Yup, you read it right! I’m getting a new tattoo for myself. But this time not on my leg but for my laptop teehee! It’s the Globe Tattoo Broadband, I’m sure you’ve heard about it already! I’ve asked around and so far I got good feedbacks from those who have already tried it. Plus some other info that I have gathered online:

I also found out that you can change your network and the rate you pay whenever you go online. You can choose a time based browsing for P5 per 15 minutes, that’s good for surfing and downloading, or you can choose a per KB charging for 15 centavos per KB, best for quick check of your email or check for information on Google. That’s a helpful tip if you are using your own Globe sim, some sims are set on per kb default, while the new sim like the Globe Tattoo is set on time based rate. I think some users experienced this on why they are charged by per kb, try check the status of your network by texting STATUS to 1111. – Shared by Azrael

I think that’s practical enough. Mom says why would I need one when we already have a stable connection at home. Hmmmm… actually I’m just anticipating the days when I have to be in the hospital 3 months from now for my delivery. I don’t think I can survive without going online for 3 days or more haha!

I browsed Globe Tattoo Broadband Gallery but I guess I’ll just settle on Cyber Clover.

It’s one of the GlobeTattoo Broadband New Skins.

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