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Getting old

We talk about “age” in the office a lot and that somehow makes me think how my children would treat us when we grow older. Would they think of us a lot even after having their own families? Would they even offer of getting us senior life insurance? Would they bother to ask how we are doing as we reach the seniority age of 60 or would they simply dump us in some home cares just like the others? Call me sensitive or paranoid but these thoughts are already stuck in my mind. What if they chose the latter one? That would hurt a lot but I’m sure I can’t do anything about it.

I also wonder if they will give in to our last wishes like the songs to be played during the funeral, the clothes that we prefer or something else that we have requested from them. Oh well, I got more time I know but these thoughts somehow occupy my mind a lot.

Marketing Manager at Adventures Beyond Group | WAHM | Ex-OFW | Music Enthusiast | Cactus and Succulent Hobbyist | Hello Kitty Lover | A 42 y/o mom of two lovely girls sharing her adventures as she walks through motherhood and having to do most things on her own while her Indian national husband works miles away from home.

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