Go Bingo!

Imagine a full day without elec power, no TV not even movies to watch, no fan even AC, no sounds to listen to – a complete boredom!

That happened to us today! *sigh* No one was aware that it was happening today, we didn’t get any notice (so what if they did, it’s not like when the water goes, you can at least save something for the day heehee!). I was actually about to begin with my morning routine > check my emails and comments while Deye was asleep. I just turned my PC on and kaput!!!!

The house was so quiet. I was so bored…. That’s why right after my morning rituals with Deye, I found myself wandering down the next street with her. Spent half of the day in my tita’s and cousins’ house just next street. After lunch, I asked my brother to get this set from the market:

Mark, my brother got this set for only P100. Then I called my cousins, whoever wanted to play. We started at 3pm and finished at 7pm, played P1/bingo card. Guess what? I won P125 hahaha! I got my money back with a P25 profit heehee! It was fun… after a long time I was able to play this game again!

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